НАТ Казахстан
Colocation ("colocation") is a service for renting a place in telecommunication racks at the NAT Kazakhstan data center for placing IT equipment - servers, switches, disk arrays, etc. You can rent a place the size of one or more units, or a complete rack.
About Colocation Service
The service provides:
- a place in a telecommunication closet;
- redundant power supply (automatic transfer switch (ATS), diesel generator, uninterruptible power supplies);
- temperature and humidity control;
- Internet connection via high-speed optical channels;
- security, video surveillance, access control, monitoring;
- engineer services (equipment on/off, visual inspection), installation assistance.
We accept rack-mount equipment intended for installation in a telecommunications rack. You can also place a Tower server that will be installed in a telecommunications rack.

The cost of hosting a server depends on the number of units, the power supply of the equipment, the speed of the Internet channel. See price list.
If in the process of using the equipment you need additional computing resources, we are ready to offer a quick and convenient way - renting computing power in the Private Cloud.
Our Advantages
  • Reliability
    20 years of experience in the maintenance of server hardware.
  • Security
    Detached, our company owned building with round the clock security and video surveillance. Access to the equipment is carried out strictly by passes.
  • Convenient Location
    Convenient location and transport accessibility from the right and left banks of the capital. Availability of free parking spaces.
  • Individual Approach
    We work with non-standard configurations. Each request will be carefully worked out and the optimal solution offered.

Proactive Monitoring for FREE

By placing equipment at our place, you get the opportunity to monitor its status online in the eAdmin system.
Installing a server in a data center
Connecting the server to the eAdmin monitoring system
Monthly subscription fee for server monitoring
Monthly subscription fee for placing a piece of equipment no larger than 1U, with a power consumption of no more than 500 W. The price includes connection to 1 socket and 1 Ethernet port with a bandwidth of up to 100 Mbps
19 000 KZT
Monthly subscription fee for equipment oversize for each additional Unit
11 000 KZT
Monthly subscription fee for an additional power outlet for a power supply unit with power consumption of not more than 500 W
2 000 KZT
Monthly subscription fee for excess power consumption for every 100 W
1 200 KZT
Monthly subscription fee for an additional Ethernet switch port with a throughput of up to 100 Mbps
2 000 KZT
Renting a block of 4 IP addresses
4 000 KZT
Renting a block of 8 IP addresses
8 000 KZT
Renting a block of 16 IP addresses
16 000 KZT
Renting a block of 32 IP addresses
32 000 KZT
Renting a block of 64 IP addresses
64 000 KZT
Renting a block of 128 IP addresses
128 000 KZT
All prices are inclusive of VAT
Frequently Asked Questions
Data Center Infrastructure
Power supply
To ensure uninterrupted power supply, two power inputs are connected to our data center. In case of power outage in the city, we have an FG Wilson diesel generator set with a fuel reserve for 11 hours of continuous operation. Each rack is connected to uninterruptible power supplies with N+1 redundancy.
Connection channels (Internet)
Our data center is serviced by a telecom operator - Kazakhtelecom. The main and backup optical cables are connected to the data center. Connection speed is up to 100 Mbps.
Climate control
It does not get hot in our data centers. Optimum temperature and humidity are monitored by HiRef and Emerson Libert Hiross precision air conditioning systems.
24-hour security guards are responsible for the physical security of the equipment. Access to the data center is restricted to authorized customer employees only. Video cameras are installed around the perimeter of the data center.
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